Sales representative
an add-on service designed to help Clients promote their products and services among the network operator's subscriber base
Terms of service
Target audience is selected by Client based on specific criteria
Operator sends a targeted bulk SMS containing a link to his website through which customers can submit a preliminary requests for the Client's product/service
Once the customer gives his consent to the collection and processing of his personal data as well as accepts the terms of service on the website, requests will be forwarded to the Client
Service cost
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Additional targeting criteria
* Cost of 1 delivered SMS of up to 300 Cyrillic and Latin characters, excluding additional targeting criteria. Price includes VAT.
** The cost of targeting parameter is added to the cost of 1 delivered SMS.
*** Forecasts are based on the customer activity on Kcell/activ network.

Additional Information
Activation request
First and last name of the contact person
BIN or IIN (for private entrepreneurs)
By filling out this form, you give your consent to the collection, processing and storage of your personal data.